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Friday, 9 October 2009

Top 7 Blackberry Apps (free download)

Top 7 Blackberry Apps (free download)

Top 7 Blackberry Apps (free download)

1 Pandora (Free Download )

The best streaming music site on the BlackBerry.You might just find yourself
liking the app so much that you don’t even load your own music on your
phone.You don’t
need a 3G BlackBerry to download it.

2. Trapster(Free Download)

It’s absolutely free
application for you.,Builtin GPS capabilities, it will drop you on a map
dotted with user-submitted speed traps, red light cameras and other
wallet hazards, warning you before you come up on them and allowing you
to peg the traps you spot for other users, too.

3. WeatherEye(Free Download)

you can download WeatherEye app which is absolutely
free for you.,Introduce weather app that you have not ever seen.
The weather forecasting is accurate and current. You will get a quick approach at
current weather conditions, plus extras like five-day forecasts, much more.

4. Facebook (Free Download)

You can facilitate all these features
of BlackBerry app totally free by clicking above link.This is smartly design BlackBerry app which make it possible to do
things like set someone’s Facebook picture as their contact photo in
the phone– automatically. It make easy for reading the pointless
minutiae of other peoples’ lives, it integrates into your BlackBerry
calendar, contacts and messages.

5. Viigo(Free Download)

Viigo has them all wrapped up in one
very slick little app. And it’s absolutely free!,you probably like to be tapped in.
And with customize feature to sports, weather, entertainment, podcasts,
flight information, stocks, and news, etc.We guess you can say that
Viigo does that. Sure, you can pull a lot of these tidbits in through
more specialized apps, too

6. WorldMate Live (Free Download )

You can use it to track flights, sort itineraries,
convert currency, look at maps, and check the weather where you are. By
using worldMare live you can find out a list of hotel rooms
sorted by distance from your location, with prices for each room and
even a page for booking one. And that’s just scratching the surface of
what it can do.

7Buzzd(Free Download Buzzd)

This is comparatively stylish apps . Buzzd not only
does it look incredibly slick, it’s one of the most useful apps in our
arsenal, combining the listings of Zagat, Citysearch, and
Flavorpill into one local super search. You can also 'Buzz' local
listings up or down (thrill or kill) to let other users know whether
establishments are worth the trip or a waste of time. Like a lot of
social apps, it will only get better as more people contribute, so join
up and get buzzing.

how to speed up BlackBerry Storm 9530/9500

1. Upgrade your Blackberry storm to the latest OS

2. Make sure that you are not running applications in the background, if so go through and turn them off. you can use the Esc key to end applications NOT the Red End Key

3. Remove unnecessary pre-installed programs. To completely delete applications from your BlackBerry Storm you need to go into Options > Advanced Options > Applications then highlight the application you want to remove, click the Menu button and choose Delete

4. you can turn off Content Compression and Content Protection from Click Options > Security Options > General Settings.

5.You can set the Key Rate to Fast, from Options > Screen/Keyboard

6. you should incorporate as FEW icons on the home screen as possible on to BlackBerry Storm

with this way, loading the main menu AND switching to landscape will be much faster,with some simple ways, you can optimize your BlackBerry Storm OS and speed up it

How to Install Google Talk on your Blackberry Bold 9000

.If you've got a gmail account, then you really ought to have the Google Chat facility loaded on your blackberry. Here's how;

Go to the Browser and enter;

Find a button marked Download and click it.

Choose language and then click Next

Scroll to the end of the terms and conditions and click the option button marked
(o) I Accept and then click Next.

The application will then start to download.
It should take about one minute.

At the successful install dialog, click Ok

For some reason, the install drops you back in the browser.
Click the blackberry button and choose close.
You'll find the icon in the downloads folder, though you might want to move it to home.